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Bobber tank

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Eclipse 2017

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Scratch-built ‘droid.

Since I started building RC planes, I keep all sorts of bits and pieces around for possible use in future builds. This week, I decided to do something a bit different and threw together this little robot, just for funzies.

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Hobby Cards

I love business cards. Not in an American Psycho way, you understand, but I love ‘em. I currently have three different business cards that I give out, depending on context, but do you know what I’ve been handing out a … Continue reading

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Erotica, Twilight and Me

I’ll admit it: I am vain enough to have set a Google news alert for my own name. I’m no celebrity but I do get a few hits a week. Usually, they are actually about an auto parts marketing consultant … Continue reading

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The Formation of the Tetons

Here’s a video from a few years ago, a quick trip through the formation of the Tetons region. I created this for use in the Grand Teton National Park, in a very short time frame, using a variety of tools … Continue reading

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Seven Minute Trigonometry

Yes, thanks to the power of the Mark Clarkson method, anyone can master a basic understanding of trigonometry in just 7 minutes. Continue reading

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